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Security Umbrella: “Top-Notch Security To Ensure Privacy

At LockMesh, your privacy is our utmost priority. Our closed network turnkey encrypted security solutions are the result of the concern we have for your security. Our team has researched and analyzed all the aspects of your LockMesh android device. Rest Assured!

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Enhances Efficiency of Your Device

In case of an external breach, the security system of LockMesh devices can be updated within minutes and further respond against any type of breach, making the system resilient.

Permanent Installation

We have created solutions that are apt for firmware and stay intact to make your device highly secure. With our robust security system, you don't have to worry about the safety of your files.

Matches International Standards
The reason our security solutions have been expanded to more than 200 countries and territories is that we meet all the global security standards for android devices without compromising the efficiency of the system.
Admin Level Control
We have incorporated extensive controls for the admins in order to safeguard your data from getting leaked on third party websites or any other portals.
Supplementary Features
We have adopted various applications that will ensure the security of your device and make it more useful. Apart from enhancing its security, our applications increases the utility of our device.
Instant Response To Threats

Unlike other smartphone providers, we do not rely on a static design for our mobiles. We incorporate responsive systems that allow you to get protection from all the external threats.

Keeping your device healthy and threat-free: The Increased Utility of Your LockMesh's Device

As our security system is apt to protect you from various cyber threats, you are set to use all the latest smartphone applications without any stress of intrusion. We have a team of highly skilled and well-qualified professionals, who have ensured security while delivering similar or an even better experience. Take a look at what we consider while creating security features for you.

Excellent Safety

Maintaining standards is our first preference while creating a custom operating system. With secure features and functionality, our system is highly resilient.

Advanced Technology

Our team of technical wizards are engaged in innovating and deploying advanced technologies in order to keep the security solutions ahead of the pack.

Regular Updates

In order to mitigate current and future threats, we update the system with more robust upgrades. So, with just a click you can upgrade your security.

Decentralized System

Our system is fully decentralized, so you can move it anywhere within minutes and there is no instance of compromise on our LockMesh android device.