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Encrypt and store all the files

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Secure Vault

Enabling easy storage of all incoming files and data, SVault secures your data against any kind of potential threats. Encrypting the data within the device itself, a separate backup is also provided to keep you from losing any of your data. Lowering the overall risk of data exposure/leakage/elimination, SVault encrypts your stored data files, eliminating the potential of data damage, harm, or loss.

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Encrypted storage

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Encrypt and Store all your incoming files inside the Svault.

Safe from potential harm

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Any files coming from our Messaging apps such as Schat, D2D, Smail can be safely stored and out of reach from potential harm.

Encrypption within local device

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Files are encrypted store inside your local Device and nowhere else.


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ONE STEP RESTORE your files by QR CODE or Passphrase backup.

Privacy of Notes and reminders

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Create Notes and Reminders in full Privacy and lock it.

Support all types of files

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Images, Videos, Documents, etc… all file types are supported