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Billing, activation, management

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Web Panel

At LockMesh, we understand that device managers usually require more support. Hence, we have developed a Web Panel that allows the admins to manage the settings and further enhance the utility of our devices.

What You Can Do with Our Web Panel

We are offering a fully secured MDM Web panel that is a one-stop shop for all your Device needs. We have made our web-panel highly secure and private so that unauthorised access is not possible. 

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Link Device to Dealer Panel

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Custom Dealer Pin enables each Device to be linked to one Dealer with unique DEVICE ID issued.

Unique dealer PIN

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Use account associated with any device is linked through unique dealer PIN. This means 1 DEVICE ID = 1 CHAT ID, 1 PGP Email ID, thereby ensuring users that their accounts cannot be accessed from any other device.

Manage Devices

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Manage and search using 30 fields, sort by devices, expiry dates, ICCID, MAC, SN, etc.

Apps and Accounts

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Push or pull the apps and activate the accounts which have been suspended earlier.

Multiple Users

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Create multiple users for the device through the web panel.

Accounts and Billing

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Get all the information regarding the device and further access account and billings to feature through the web panel.

Twilio SIM cards

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Actively use two SIM cards on a single device by activating the SIM card settings.


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Create sub-dealers for large buyers in your network.


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Create and open tickets or directly chat with the support team.


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Make payments for your balances.

Dealer Connect

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Create/suspend dealers in your network, review their account history and activity, manage their transaction history, and manage overdue invoices.

Device Connect

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Manage app and account activity, suspend or flag devices, wipe devices, manage Chat ID, PGP Email accounts etc.