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PGP email client

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Secure Mail

As security is our foremost concern, we have developed an application, that allows you to safely share emails on a modern and easy to use interface. The interface is highly secure and makes your overall emailing experience very simple and unique.

We keep our services fully up to date so that your experience is smooth and swift. 

Exclusive Features: 

LockMesh has created an innovative emailing system, which will help you make your emails professional and private.

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Encrypted emails

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Send, Receive PGP encrypted emails.

Sharing with privacy

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Share files with other SMail users, that too with complete privacy.

Unencrypted files

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Send and receive non-encrypted files as well.


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The public, as well as private keys, will be stored in the device only. You have entire control over the private keys.

Open PGP protocol

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Custom Key server using OpenPGP protocol.

Restore the data

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Passphrase and QR code facility for recovering mails in case the device gets lost.

Custom Email Accounts

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Dealer can randomly or manually create up to 10 custom PGP email accounts from his web panel.