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Direct Peering between two LockMesh android devices

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With LockMesh's exclusive products, you are ready to unleash the technology for the highest security in your LockMesh's devices. Our D2D system for LockMesh's android devices facilitate device-to-device connectivity with complete anonymity.   The closed network turnkey encryption in devices allows you to easily communicate with other devices. Our Unique D2D System Our D2D system allows you to easily and quickly connect with other devices, without losing your anonymity. This evolutionary product eliminates the need for connecting servers.

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D2D Intro

Introducing D2D, a revolutionary way of linking two devices on the LockMesh Platform in full anonymity

D2D Communication

D2D allows two devices to open a communication without any servers in the middle (no man-in-the-middle attack)

D2D Calls

After Session has started you can Make Voice Calls, Chat and send Files in full privacy

D2D Security

Encrypted communication end to end