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Closed Network, End-To-End encryption messaging app

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Secure Chat

The SChat or Secure Chat platform offered by LockMesh is a highly safe messaging application that uses Signal Protocol. Our SChat application is exclusive for LockMesh devices and is extremely secure. With signal encryption, this messaging feature allows you to share voicemails, voice messages, and text messages with complete security.

You can share any of the discrete or confidential information through this feature, as it keeps it anonymous and private. Our standard tech solutions keep your messages and conversations completely safe and protected.

Top-Notch Security Features

We believe messaging is one of the most engaging and highly significant aspects of a mobile phone. This is why in order to keep your conversations safe and secure, we have designed an excellent as well as a robust platform.

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Trusted Friends Feature

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Create groups with your friends through the "trusted friends” feature. Access contacts, wipe messages or take devices remotely.

Real-time Translation

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Instant offline and secure translation for over 70 languages. Select Language on Schat or D2D and read the messages in your preferred language.

Message Time Out

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Not just the conversations are safe, they can be erased as well by putting on the timer, thereby strengthening the security.

Flexible Message Sharing

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Through voice messages, voice mails, and contact-based messages.

8 Digits unique chat identity

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Maintains your privacy on the LockMesh network.

Silent Groups

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You can chat with random persons in silent group