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Custom Android Launcher

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Secure Launcher

With LockMesh's exclusive security solutions, we have developed a Secure Launcher with the Screen Locker exclusively for LockMesh's android device. We aim to keep the interface elegant as well as safe. Hence, the Secure Launcher is user-friendly, offers a safe environment and ensures privacy for users. Moreover, our robust Screen Locker allows access after complete security checks.

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Triple Screen Lock

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Apply various types of locks including PIN, Pattern and Combination, that ensures extensive safety.

Disguised Set-Up

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Lockscreen method is not visible on screen so the risk of guessing the code with screen imprints is eliminated.

Dual Space and Wipe

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Choose to hide/reveal any app for guest and encrypted space. Moreover, ‘Wipe Password’ feature is handy in case of an emergency.

Custom Android Settings Menu

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Includes all the important setting options related to connectivity (SIM/WIFI), notifications, managing apps, account info and the expiry reminders. Disable microphone, speaker, camera, hotspot or WIFI.

Auto Silent Updates

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Unlike other devices, LockMesh does not annoy you through the constant notifications related to the new updates. Instead, it automatically updates itself, however, you are always aware of version numbers for all the Apps and Screen Locker updates.

SIM Usage

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Dealers can activate SIM and set the data limit plan from the Web panel. Dealers have the option to set the permissions on the device to make SIM exclusive.

Password Recovery

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The backup passwords through keys, QR Code or passphrase allows users to recover their forgotten passwords.

Restore or take Backups in a click

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Take backup of all the data (SChat, SMail, SVault), messages, contacts, encrypted files etc. on the device or SD card in just one click. Share the data with a trusted friend through SChat or SMail.