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Custom Secure OS for LockMesh Devices

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Secure OS

Are you willing to make your data fully protected? Well, here you have LockMesh's custom android operating system. Our team of highly experienced and qualified developers has created a secure Android OS available exclusively for LockMesh devices. With extensive features and enhanced privacy control, you can enjoy cutting-edge technology in your LockMesh smartphone and stay safe from physical threats of information or data stealth.

Our closed network, Turnkey encrypted security system allows you to safeguard yourself from the external threats prevailing on the internet. Take a look at what you are going to enjoy with LockMesh's Custom OS solutions.

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No Safe Boot

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Stops hackers and other illegal agencies to extract any of your personal data.

No ADB Developer Mode

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Eliminated Android Debug Bridge mode, which is used to enable you to transfer files on your PC through a USB. With removal of recovery mode, no one can access your data without your permission. The USB cable can be used for charging only.

Removal Of Google Services

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Stay safe from GPS tracking, NFC, and google location sharing and hold total control over your data as without your permission, nothing can be extracted.

Limited SIM Usage

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Incorporated special security-oriented apps in LockMesh devices, which will enable you to save your device from external threats. Also, unwanted use of your SIM will be restricted.

Permanent Installation

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The custom OS is permanently installed in the system, hence, even a factory resetting will not evade the security.

Neutral Launcher + Stepper

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In case of Factory Reset, the OS takes over so that you can retrieve your account in a few seconds with a backup or stepper. With the Neutral Launcher and Stepper you can set up the device in a couple of minutes.